Can PRINCE2® Training Elevate My Wages?

Published: 14th February 2012
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Project management certifications such as PRINCE2, PMP and APMP have risen vastly over the last decade. Quite a few project management job advertisements in particular expect a minimum of one of such qualifying measures. This article examines if perhaps the available research can support the case to have official recognition in regards to wages and business possibilities for the individual project manager.

There are 3 main groups of certifications which have all increased fast because businesses internationally have accepted project management as being a essential skill requiring trained practitioners using most beneficial practice solutions.

- Introduced within Great Britain by the OGC
- Provides a systematic approach to major jobs
- Project management practical knowledge not critical
- PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner classes get ready students with respect to expertise structured exams
- Associated qualifying criteria incorporate MSP programme management and MoR risk management

- The higher level qualification from the US Project Management Institute (PMI)
- Qualification demands a combination of established working experience and worthwhile practical knowledge
- Strong focus on regular professional enhancement

- The Uk edition of the Level D International Project Management Association (IPMA) certification
- A number of national skilled professional bodies present their very own different versions
- Part of a hierarchy of project management credentials

Although these certifications exist throughout the world, their take up differs by town. Research during 2009 by Mateusz Jasny checked out the regularity each certification was indeed wanted in job openings.

Within the UK there has been a noticeably good undertaking of PRINCE2.
This has been brought about within the public sector, that has a tendency for Information technology undertakings. However, researchers have shown PRINCE2 Professionals in pretty much every business area in pretty much all kinds of job. The PRINCE2 Principles, Themes, and Processes are usually commonly used and consequently they are very broadly applied.

A complete regular unbiased study undertaken for Arras People in the UK helps keep track of the take up of PRINCE2 qualification and it’s link with wages and contractor day rates. The 2011 study showed that over half of all project managers possessed a PRINCE2 official recognition - while nearly 27% presented simply no specialised project qualification.

PRINCE2 courses and qualification has a beneficial influence on salary though the effect can be considered rather modest. We should note that there is a regular gripe coming from individuals searching for recruitment in the uk that they will probably never be considered until they happen to be Registered PRINCE2 Professionals. The accreditation is already so broadly put into practice that this is a pre-condition for numerous jobs - however is normally not a key differentiator.

Further prognosis by John Thorpe of Arras brings varying final thoughts concerning several other less commonly used project qualifications. APMP training and certification is associated with an average wage uplift of £10,000.

Exactly the same discovery can be seen by analysing available data from IT Jobs Watch. They at the present time reveal on average project management incomes inside the IT industry around £50,000 per year. PRINCE2 rates tend to be exactly the same amount. Job opportunities bringing up PMI are usually £60,000.

The final outcome that there are selected qualifications for instance PRINCE2 Practitioner that have come to be required for project management career advancement and there are others that will help identify an individual’s skill sets is not at all unexpected.
Within similar industries just like It you will find intermittent reports that have found substantial advantages due to official certifications. The IDC White Paper indicates that:

- Certified workers are a great deal more employable: “Sixty-three percent of hiring leaders consider trained people are considerably more effective in comparison with any non-certified counterparts.”
- 43% had a nice wage rise since getting his or her Microsoft professional official certification.

During 2008 the Consultative Committee for Professional Management Organisations (CCPMO) surveyed their 50,000 members. They found that those who possess skilled professional accreditations and memberships help the possibility of becoming appointed by 9%. Studying lifetime take-home pay, folks who held specialised certificates take home 37% more on average as compared with their co-workers who are not in possession of qualifications.

There is certainly advantages from qualifications to potential employers likewise.

Individuals are often more productive and as a result perform well to unfailing expectations

- A universal language plus approach helps teamwork within and between enterprises
- There is an independent benchmark of expertise that can be aligned to organisational skills frameworks.

At this time there is undoubtedly inspiration both for individuals and organisations to consider specialised accreditations.

A freshly released Gartner study stated “over the next 3 years project management will become one of the top five major strategic issues that most managers will have to address to be successful”. The onward march of PRINCE2 and many other expert certifications looks set up to carry on enthusiastically throughout the next 10 years.

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